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Take a break and relax in the Spa area after an exciting day.

  • Infrared cabin

  • Finnish sauna

  • Steam bath

  • Solarium

Infrared cabin:

What is infrared?
Infrared light is a form of natural solar energy. It heats objects directly without using air as medium for transmitting heat. About 80 % of the light energy is transformed into heat when it hits a surface.

Infrared is divided into three categories:
Infrared C: from 3.000 to 10.000 nm (dark radiation = invisible radiation)
Infrared B: from 1.400 to 3.000 nm (slightly pink to orange light = radiation visible in the dark)
Infrared A: from 750 to 1.480 nm (red light = known infrared light = visible radiation)

red light cabin Schladming

red light cabin

The sun-like, short wave radiations of the IR B rays penetrate deep into the body tissue, generating beneficial heat. As a consequence, circulation is enhanced and blood vessels are widened, reducing metabolic end products and boosting your immune system.

The increased blood circulation results in a deep cleansing of your skin, it assists to improve your connective tissue as well as the skin structure. Soft and smooth skin is the result, thus skin care products are absorbed faster.

Finnish Sauna:

finnish sauna Schladming

Temperature: 80 - 100°C,
Humidity: 5-12%

The classic Finnish Sauna consists of 2 basic elements: the heating up in the sauna and the cooling down afterwards. Changing between those two stimuli is extreme. The air in the hot room is very hot and dry.

The well-balanced change between hot sauna and cold shower as well as relaxing calmness brings vigour and boosts the immune system.

In spite of the contrasts, taking a Finnish sauna is very relaxing. It is also highly recommended to a large target group by medical doctors to enhance the immune system. The well-balanced change between hot sauna and cold shower as well as relaxing calmness brings vigour and boosts the immune system.

Steam bath:

Wellness Hotel Sonneck

Temperature between 45° and 55°C,
high humidity (warm steam is added).

The steam bath is recommended to start a sauna cycle and the steam feels like cleaning from the inside.

Deeply inhale the fine steam. Your respiratory passages get moistened; the steam is expectorant and helps with colds, coughs, hoarseness, hay fever, bronchitis and chronicle inflammations of the sinuses. Fragrance essence enhances the effect. The high humidity makes a pleasant, relaxing climate. The respiratory passages are cleansed and the circulation is stimulated, the skin gets soft and smooth.


Solarium Hotel Sonneck

What one should know: Men need sunlight, but not much. In the normal course of life we are exposed to natural solar radiation again and again. And it does us good. Light and warmth have a beneficial effect to body and soul. Well dosed, the sun enhances the circulation as well as the metabolism and boosts our vitality.

For us, a very low dose of UV is enough.

The body needs UV radiation to build Vitamin D3, which is, together with phosphor and calcium essential when it comes to bone health. This is the only known positive effect of UV radiation so far – apart from the therapeutic use in medical practices and hospitals.